Chris Covey coaching during a RRBC Sculling Course
Here is a message from our Chairman, Andy Turnbull:
Dear Robs Member, Past member and or Supporter:
With another regatta racing season coming to a close in a few weeks, it is I believe the right time to reflect and plan ahead.
The Club is in pretty good shape at the moment with a good fleet of equipment, a growing membership, an active base of elite/masters/juniors all competing at regional & national level.
For the club to take the next step forward it is imperative for the membership to have access to 2 things, good water and good coaching.
With the establishment of the L2R programme at Milton and the high performance base at Stretham we have Good Water “ticked off” the todo list.
Coaching programmes for members is something that is starting to take shape, with more past and present members taking an interest in getting involved and helping.
With the successes we have achieved during 2013, by all sections of the club, it is clear that we are starting to get things moving in the right direction.  There is still a long way to go but we have started on the journey.
We now need to formalise our plans/objectives for 2013/2014 season and an integral part of the plan is/will be to build a coaching team able to coach juniors/seniors/masters.
If you want to coach, learn to coach or want to have some involvement in the direction of the programme, drop  me an email highlighting your name, phone number, experience and availability (amount of time you might have available e.g 1 x Saturday per month OR Sat & Sun every week OR Evenings etc)
That’s all for now but please take a moment to consider whether you fancy “formalising” your coaching involvement.
Andy T