Simon Goodbrand and Ed Parkhouse competing in The Double Scull Challenge Cup on Thursday (photo by HRR Photo)
Memories of Roy Roy Boat Club’s 2013 Henley Royal Regatta racing are still vivid.
Robs coxless 4- entry for The Wyfold Challenge Cup had the distinction of being the first all-Cambridge town crew to enjoy selection by Henley Stewards. The Robs crew raced superbly, always raising their game as they progressed to the final, which Tyrian Boat Club won by only a canvas. Crew list was:
  • John Hale
  • Dan Clift
  • Leo Lundgren 
  • Rob Stark
Our coxless quad entry for The Prince of Wales Challenge Cup raced on Thursday. Crew list was:
  • Chris Covey
  • Chris Owen
  • Ben Hicks 
  • Will King
Simon Goodbrand and Ed Parkhouse succeeded in the Qualifying Races to earn a place in Thursday’s racing for The Double Sculls Challenge Cup. Although they did not win, it is interesting to note that none of the winning crews from Thursday’s racing won their Friday quarter-finals. This means that all those racing in the event’s semi-finals this year were crews selected by Henley Stewards.


Robs Wyfold Challenge Cup entry raced on both Wednesday and Thursday before conceding by 2/3 length to Nottingham Rowing Club’s A crew in their Friday quarter-final. Crew list was:
  • Rob Stark
  • Ben Hicks
  • Chris Covey
  • Dan Clift


Anna Bebington (now Anna Watkins) joined the GB women’s composite VIII, representing Rob Roy Boat Club, in their race for The Rememham Challenge Cup. The crew enjoyed convincing wins in all of their heat races and won their final against Princeton University by 3 lengths, thereby securing the first ever proper Cambridge Club win at Henley Royal Regatta. This composite crew included athletes from NCRA/Leander/Reading University/Rob Roy Boat Club/University of London and Thames. Grateful thanks to Simon Hames for sourcing the beautiful photograph below of the women during their 4th of July 2004 race 🙂
Anna Bebington and fellow GB athletes racing to win at HRR 2004
(Photo by Jet Photographic)
Simon Goodbrand and Guy Blanchard reached The Double Sculls Challenge Cup final, losing by 2 3/4 lengths to P. Lorinczy and K Szabo of Hungary


Simon racing at HRR in 2003
(Photo by Jet Photographic)
Simon Goodbrand reached The Diamond Sculls Challenge Cup semi-finals, where he lost by half a length to the eventual cup winner Alan Campbell of Tideway Scullers School.
Rachel Quarrell wrote about Simon’s racing at the time:
The best race of the regatta so far, let alone the day, came from single scullers James Burton and Simon Goodbrand. Burton, an Australian rowing for Nereus while he studies in Amsterdam, was the slower off the start but regained the lead just after the Barrier and held clear water comfortably right up to the Enclosures grandstand. Within strokes, it had all changed. Goodbrand, putting in a massive effort, started to claw back feet every stroke. Burton, exhausted, had no response and paddled over the line in obvious distress well behind Goodbrand.’
Simon Goodbrand reached The Diamond Sculls Challenge Cup final, where he lost by 2/3 length to Mr. Abdullah
Simon Goodbrand first raced at HRR when he was 22 years old. He competed for The Diamond Sculls Challenge Cup on Thursday, losing by three lengths to R J Briscoe, who went on to reach the semi-finals.