Elite and Senior Squads

  • Men: Simon Goodbrand (Email: captain ‘at’ robroyboatclub.org.uk)
  • Women: Anna-Rosa Gejlsbjerg  (Email: womenscaptain ‘at’ robroyboatclub.org.uk)

If you have rowed before then you’ll most likely want to get involved with either the elite or the senior squads. There are regular training sessions,in which most members spend most of their time in small boats, which allows us to cater for mixed abilities and commitment levels, but we do form fours, quads and eights for the big regional and national competitions.


Contact: Simon Goodbrand (Email: captain ‘at’ robroyboatclub.org.uk)

Rob Roy arranges sessions for beginners on a case by case basis. Please contact Simon for more information.

Start Programme (Formerly World Class Start)

Contact: Peter Lee (Peter)

The Start programme (formerly known as World Class Start) is the National programme for identifying future Olympians. You should consider this if you are aged between 16 and 18 years old, tall, strong and would like to take your rowing to a high level.

Further details, and opportunity to register your interest for this GB-rowing run programme can be found here.

Masters Squad

Contact: Kim Rutter (Email: masters ‘at’ robroyboatclub.org.uk)

We’ve brought together an active group of RRBC Veterans, or Masters who meet/train together regularly, and are organised to compete at events both locally and further afield.

Many of our members rowed/sculled at school or University, and while some of us have been doing so continuously since then, others have taken long breaks before coming back to the sport as Masters, with some joining us as complete beginners! We welcome Masters of all ages and all abilities – so why not get in touch?

If you are interested in joining the group, or know of somebody who would like to do so, please let me know. We have a great opportunity to get even more momentum behind RRBC Masters now, and as Masters represent an increasingly large number of prospective and existing members, anything that can be done to help make people aware, or encourage them to take part, would be much appreciated by The Club.

We’ll hope to hear from you very soon!