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Jo Burch – Junior Coach and Junior Co-ordinator

Joined Robs in 1989.

Jo Burch started rowing when she was a student at Cambridge University in 1983. She joined the University Women’s Squad and for two years in the  Blue Boat for Cambridge. She then went on to become President of the University’s Boat Club and the Club’s Senior Treasurer. After training and working as a professional solicitor, Jo joined Robs in 1989 and learnt to scull. She raced successfully as the Women’s Captain and won gold at the very first Women’s Henley Regatta. Jo has been Robs Junior Squad Coordinator and part of the Junior coaching team since 2015. “It’s hard work and long hours but incredibly rewarding bringing juniors into the squad as raw novices with no sense of their own potential and see them develop their self-belief and determination as fine athletes.”

Favourite coaching comment every made to Jo:

“You’re 6 inches too short and 20 lbs too light to make into the Blue Boat!”

Jo’s coaching soundbite:

“If you’re prepared to try, I’m prepared to coach you!”