Rob Roy Boat Club crews racing 2013 Head of the Cam throughout a day of sunshine, rain and hail enjoyed many good results:
Mens IM2 VIII was fastest town club 8+ and runner-up for Head of the Cam, coming in at 8:53, 25 seconds behind Caius M1. Crew list:
  • Ed Parkhouse (bow)
  • Simon Goodbrand
  • David Dix
  • Stefan Gräf
  • Chris Covey
  • Chris Owen
  • Ben Hicks
  • Robert Stark
  • Steph Payne (cox)
Mens MasB VIII won their event by a good margin (time 9:16 adjusted to 9:11). Crew list:
  • Matt Lowther (bow)
  • Dave Potts
  • Nick Chapman
  • Andrew Turnbull
  • David Dix
  • Brett Saunders
  • Matt Castle
  • Stefan Gräf
  • Steph Payne (cox)


Stefan Gräf won Mens MasB 1x in his third race of the day (time 11:20 adjusted to 11:14)

John Hale put in the fastest singles time of the day racing for Isle of Ely Mens Senior 1x (time 10:27)

Masters women Andrea Bosynak, Anna-Rosa Gejlsbjerg, Carrie Beddingfield and Kathering Webster won their W Mas B 4x- event (time 11:18 adjusted to 11:12)

Anna-Rosa Gejlsbjerg and Katherine Webster won W MasB 2x (time 12:32 adjusted to 12:25)

Leys Lysander M MasC crew, with Robs members (Brett Saunders, Guy Blanchard, Nick Chapman and Ian Grant, as well as ex-Robs, now The Leys member Luke Pendlebury) onboard was the third fastest Mens Masters VIII entry (time 9:39 adjusted to 9:23)

Rob Oeffner placed third (winner was 99’s Will Dunlop) in M IM3 1x (time 11:43)

Stefan Gräf (racing for the fourth time on the day!!!) and Matt Castle put in a fast time for Mens MasB 2x but lacked opposition (time 10:37)

Mens IM3 2x entry with crew Rob Oeffner and Hamish McLuskie raced well but lacked opposition (time 11:24)

In M J16 2x, Tom Clements and Alex Turnbull placed a fast second (time 11:39) and Callum Taylor and Robbie Sewell placed third (time 12:01)

Robs Mens J16 4x- entry placed second (time 13:16)

Womens J16 4x- raced unopposed (time 12:49)

Junior Julia Ciuhak raced well as WJ13 (time 13:53)

WJ16 2x juniors entry Alice Hindmarsh and crew raced without opposition (time 13:50)

Juniors WJ14 4x+ entry placed third (time 15:47)

Robs junior Fowlie was awarded a prize for J13 entry (time 15:49)

Juniors Ella Harrison and Freya Lawrence raced WJ15 without opposition (time 14:59)

Junior Benjamin Gray raced MJ16 1x, placing third (time 13:58)

Well done to all 🙂