Tantalising results have been consistently achieved by Rob Roy Boat Club racing squad members rowing and sculling as crews and in singles.

Enhanced winter training collaboration between Elite Men’s Squad and Ely-based GB Start rowers has proved mutually beneficial. Wrapping up RRBC’s typically active local head racing season, Ely-based Senior Men’s athlete Chris Owen sends this cheerful summary:
‘Between the Robs/Ely Start group we took a clean sweep of all the sculling events at the Winter League:

  • Fastest 4x Chris Owen, Chris Covey, Ben Hicks and Will King with Matt Castle and Dan Clift racing the 2nd and 3rd leg respectively
  • Fastest 2x Chris Owen and Ben Hicks in leg 1 and 2 with Dan Clift and Ben Hicks racing the 3rd Leg
  • Fastest 1x Ben Hicks
  • Fastest Womens 4x (and fastest women overall) A combination of Charlotte Drury, Sarah Allen, Harriet Eldred, Lizzie Polgreen and Chiara Ferrara
  • Fastest Womens 2x Chiara Ferrara and Sarah Allen
  • Fastest Womens 1x Lizzie Polgreen 2
  • Will King only just beat Matt Castle (by one second) for Fastest IM3 1x
  • Rob Stark won Fastest Novice 1x
  • Rob Stark and Chris Covey won Fastest 2-
  • and Stefan won Fastest Masters 1x A-D’

Two Robs VIIIs competed at the Head of the River Race; the 1st boat was an Isle of Ely/RRBC composite entry and the 2nd boat was entirely RRBC.
1st boat crew list:
Dan Clift
Chris Covey
Rob Stark
Ben Hicks
Will King
Chris Owen
Stefan Graf
Matt Castle
Cox was Isobel Dowbiggin

2nd boat crew list:
Paul Wilkins
Brett Saunders
Guy Blanchard
Al Chappelle
Rob Best
Robbie Kiff
Sam Fabian
Ed Parkhouse
Cox was Enya Meadows

Matt Castle (Men’s Elite Squad) sends this summary on the 1st boat’s run:

‘The row was solid, below the standards achieved in the practice sessions, but solid nevertheless. The conditions were very good for the Tideway and the crew was in good spirits whilst marshalling for the race. We raced in isolation for the vast majority of the course but overtook several crews in the final stretch before the line. Considering the limited number of outings the crew had prior to the race (about half a dozen) it was a satisfactoryresult.Wefinished71st (upfrom 98th last year) in a time of 19:09:1’

The Men’s 2nd boat finished 211th (up from 252nd last year) with a time of 20:02:23.

Sharing a foul weekend’s weather with the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations, the Robs Men’s Elite squad and GB Start Ely athletes competed both days at the Metropolitan Regatta.

Peter Lee (GB Start Coach) reports:
1st IM1 4- (IoE/Rob Roy composite) Ben Hicks, Dan Clift, Rob Stark and Chris Covey
4th Senior 4- same composite crew as above
5th IM1 4x Will King and Leo Lundgren (With Bath Uni)

1st Elite 1x Ben Hicks

2nd IM2 1x Will King

Senior 2- 1st in semi-final- Chris Covey and Rob Stark

3rd Senior 1x Chris Owen

1st WIM2 1x Lizzie Polgreen

2nd Elite 2x Lizzie Polgreen (with Nottingham RC)

Katherine Webster and Anna-Rosa Gejlsbjerg with their winner’s cups


‘The four is going well. I’m enjoying being a part of it,’ commented Chris Covey after the Met racing weekend.

Lizzie Polgreen won in her single at Henley Women’s Regatta. Well done Lizzie !

At Marlow, the men’s 4- took 2nd place

The mens 4x won IM2 4x

Chris Owen came 3rd in his single

Following on from some notable results in composite crews at the World Masters Championship in Poland and in various key head races over winter, Womens Masters Squad members have been busy racing to good effect this past Spring.

Their spring racing results include:

Fastest WIM3 2x Winter League Legs 1 and 2 Anna-Rosa Gejlsbjerg and Katherine Webster

1st WIM3 2x Head of the Avon, Evesham- Anna-Rosa Gejlsbjerg and Katherine Webster

1st WIM3 2x Boston Marathon- Anna-Rosa Gejlsbjerg and Katherine Webster (set course record for WIM3 2x)

1st WIM3 4x Veterans Fours Head- Anna- Rosa Gejlsbjerg and Katherine Webster in a composite crew with City of Cambridge

4th Vesta Veterans Head of the River- Robs in composite crew with Peterborough and Leicester

2nd WMas B VIII- Head of the Trent- Robs in composite crew with Peterborough and Leicester

1st WIM3 2x – Rob Roy and 1st for WMas B 4x (Rob Roy/City composite crew) at Cambridge City Sprints

And at the British Masters Championships:

Gold for WMas B IM3 VIII (Rob Roy’s Nicola Millar and Katherine Webster/Xpress composite crew)

Silver for WMas C VIII (Rob Roy’s Anna- Rosa Gejlsbjerg /Leicester/Peterborough/ Warrington Composite crew)

4th for WMas B 4x – Katherine Webster, Claire Allen, Carrie and Anna-Rosa Gejlsbjerg

Peterborough Spring Regatta was held in fine weather. Peter Lee sends these results:

2ndIM32x Luke Pendlebury and another

1st IM3 1x Will King 1st Nov 1x Leo Lundgren

2nd WIM3 2x Anna-Rosa Gejlsberg and Katherine Webster

1st WMasters A 1x Andrea Hoskins

3rd Elite 1x Chris Owen

3rd IM3 1x Rob Best

4th WNov 1x Samantha Mullender

Juniors Coach Roger Thorogood reports on Peterborough Spring Regatta results:

1st WJ15 2x- Easy win for Amy Bland (composite with Molly from Sudbury)

2nd WJ15 1x- Amy Bland losing out on 1st by 4/10th of a second

2nd- WJ16 2x- Madison Koesterman and Victoria Moody with strong racing from a newly formed crew

Challenging weather conditions have not deterred Robs junior athletes from actively competing throughout this Spring.

Results include:

Norwich Head

1st WJ15 1x Amy Bland

1st WJ15 2x Amy Bland and Madison Koesterman

Amy Bland with her Sudbury composite crewmate collecting pots at Peterborough

GB Men’s Rowing Team selecting their official Olympic kit of 67 items each, including an MP3 player ‘pre-loaded with chants and cheering from fans, to let us know how much the country is behind us’, bermuda shorts and a rubber duck!!!

Bedford Star Head

1st WJ15 1x Amy Bland

Champs Junior Head

2nd J15 2x Hamish McLuskie (composite with Lea Rowing Club)

2nd J15 1x Hamish McLuskie

2nd WJ16 1x Victoria Moody

4th WJ16 1x Olivia Duffy

2nd WJ15 2x Amy Bland and Madison Koesterman

2nd WJ15 1x Amy Bland

3rd. WJ15 1x Madison Koesterman


2nd WJ15 2x Amy Bland (composite with Sudbury)

1st WJ15 1x Amy Bland

Despite stunningly bad weather at the JIRR Peterborough Eastern Regional Trials, Hamish McLuskie qualified for a seat in the J15 4x JIRR Nottingham finals entry with an excellent scratch composite doubles race (with Dan Keigher from Lea Rowing Club). McLuskie also placed 4th in the J15 singles trials.

Amy Bland and Madison Koesterman raced through late afternoon snowfall to take 1st in
WJ15 2x, thereby qualifying for the Notts JIRR finals. Bland was 3rd in WJ15 1x.
With weather so dramatic that events were cancelled midway through the day, Amy Bland and Madison Koesterman placed 9th in the JIRR WJ15 2x final at Nottingham, with McLuskie scratching his quad seat due to hand injury.

At National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships, Amy Bland placed 8th out of 103 Year 10 girls. Hamish McLuskie 64th out of 134 Year 10 boys.

Angus McLuskie and Edward Shorland cleared the opposition with consistently convincing wins at J14 and J15 2x head racing events at Henley, Pangbourne, Gloucester and Thames Valley Trials and were set to race Nat Schools and Nat Champs before Angus was injured.

GB Start athlete Chiara Ferrara was in top form before leg injuries this spring. We wish them well!