Yet more great conditions at Dorney heralded further progress on the road to Henley today (21st June) for the senior men.

Our Wyfolds aspirants (Schramm, Clift, Lundgren, Stark) pulled a 4th in the Elite 4-final ….but only beaten by Visitor’s crews. Overcoming a poor start, the guys just did their thing. 4- are on the up.

Chris Revell, in a gut wrenching effort (literally) won the final of the Snr 1x and 2nd in the final of the Elite 1x. Chris Owen had a super row in a strong field in the Snr 1x and wasn’t far behind his winning clubmate showing our depth in this event.

The 4+ (Dix, Covey, Matcham, King, Crosby(Cox)) stepped up to Elite and stepped their effort accordingly coming fifth in the final (beating Tideway Scullers and the all ‘Start’ Nottingham boys) but third among their prospective Britannia Cup rivals. Their strongest outing yet, closing sharply on the top crews and plenty more room for improvement.

Go Robs!