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Mr Asbo

It has been six months since the swan nicknamed “Mr. ASBO” and his mate were relocated from their annual nesting site downstream of The Reach to an undisclosed sanctuary 60 miles from Cambridge.

Arrangements were made by Natural England and Royal Swan Marker, David Barber, to secret the pair away, wings clipped to ensure no return. Here is an update:
Mr. ASBO’s sensational behaviour earned coverage on Will Baker and Guy Thomas’ website

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Member Gen promotes knowledge sharing, with contributions welcome from Rob Roy Boat Club members

“Rowing is a repetitive-motion, non-impact sport; thus, rowers are unlikely to suffer sudden and unexpected injury, but more likely to suffer overuse injuries. Like other athletes in repetitive sports, the cause of these overuse injuries can usually be traced to a training
error in either volume or technique, or inappropriately sized or configured equipment.”
(Kristine A Karlson MD, The Physician and Sports Medicine- Vol 28, No 4, April 2000)

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Cambridge Small Boats Head 2012

With beautiful weather throughout the day, Cambridge Small Boats Head was a fine start to this year’s head race season. Held 6 October over the usual 2600 metre upstream head race course on the Cam, Events Secretary Anna-Rosa’s expert planning and logistics ensured that the day was a great success. Chairman Andy Turnbull reported a 30% increase on entries, from local to national clubs, with one competitor racing for an Irish boat club.

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